Board Meeting - December 20, 2016

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 8:00pm
of the Metuchen Board of Education
Metuchen High School
400 Grove Avenue
Metuchen, NJ  08840
Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1.        Flag Salute

2.        Notice of Meeting

I hereby make this statement to indicate compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act known as Chapter 231 of the Public Laws of New Jersey, 1975, which became effective 90 days after enactment, January 19, 1976.
Notice of this meeting was given by providing the location, time and date of this meeting, and posting of the same on the front door of the Board of Education offices, by delivering copies to the Borough Hall and the Metuchen Public Library, The Home News and Tribune, The Sentinel, The Star Ledger, and by filing a copy with the Borough Clerk as prescribed by this law.

3.        Roll Call

Mr. Benderly
Ms. McGuire
Ms. Gibson
Mr. Mindler
Mr. Lifton
Mr. Small
Ms. Lunt
Mr. Stern
Mr. Manley


4.        Presentation/Discussion Items

  • Showcase of Success
  1. Fall Sport Champions: 
Metuchen High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team
Blue Division Champions
Alanna Benderly
Christine Laskowski
Drew Schuchman
Virginia Clarke
Carly Lucas
Kendall Schuchman
Claudia Dudek
Tracy Michalski
Sabrina Schwartz
Kerri Farrell
Julianna Mullen
Mya Stolarski
Erin Hausser
Skye Nowicki
Natalia Tiu
Julianna Iacona
Lauren Piovoso
Makena Tramontin
Rory Josell
Rachel Sandbeck
Molly Walters
Hope Kenny
Kathryn Santus
Margaret Zeng

Metuchen High School Girls Tennis Team
Blue Division Champions & Sectional Finalist
Tracey Ackep
Ava Jarvis
Nayana Prakash
Maryam Beshara
Marina Jones
Ava Ranello
Kristin Chan
Jiyeon Kang
Erika Rems
Giulia Delle Femine
Laura Knecht
Ilana Rosen
Christina  DiStaso
Amelia Kobayashi
Anna Segelken
Claudia Dudek
Isabella Luciano
Meghna Trehan
Domonique Dudley
Kate McGrath
Rebecca Trosman
Isabela Elster
Sonia Mersich
Ilakiya Udhayakumar
Madeleine Fenner
Anushka Pande
Siri Uppuluri
Charlotte Haq
Palak Parikh
Lara Vaz
Isabelle Hong
Khushi Parikh
Simie Zhu
Katie Hong
Metuchen High School Girls Cross Country Team
White Division, Sectional and NJSIAA Group 1 Champions
Rebecca Ayala
Emma Kacani
Camille Lussier
Emma Capron
Elizabeth Lawson
Tasha Pais
Richa Desai
Frances Lee
Emily Perlmutter
Lauren Hall
Joy Li
Nina Suss
Jessica Harding
Courtney Little
Rachel Wentnick
Milli Hines
Lauren Lobdell
Regina Wilcox
Metuchen High School Boys Cross Country Team
GMC, Sectional and NJSIAA Group 1 Champions
Jacob Beacher
Divij Gupta
Cole Schnitzer
Austin Brooks
William Hoover
Joseph Schugel
Matthew Camera
Justin Huang
Michael Simeone
Michael Carro
Caelan Johnson
Nicholas Spoleti
Ravi Chawla
Nisarg Joshi
John Szpara
Arun Chezian
Edward Malague
Steven Tang
Kevin Cox-Coventry
Kevin Marraro
Ken Thornton
Philip Duddy
Jake Pappalardo
Riley Watkins
Jacob Francobandiero
Noah Prabhakar
Alexander Yakowenko
Colin Gaven
  • Presentation
    • Audit 2015-2016:  A representative from Baker Tilly LLP will be present to discuss the results of the 2015-2016 school year audit
    • District Goals Update:  Dr. Vincent Caputo

5.        Report of the President of the Board of Education

6.        Report of the Superintendent of Schools

7.        Report of the Business Administrator/Board Secretary

8.        Committee Reports

9.        New Business

10.      Old Business

11.      Minutes

Move to approve the minutes of the following meetings:
December 6, 2016
Special Business Meeting (1)
December 6, 2016
Special Executive Meeting (2)
December 6, 2016
Board Meeting
December 6, 2016
Special Executive Meeting (3)

12.     Meeting Open to the Public

(for comment on any Presentation/Discussion items, Reports and New/Old Business)

13.     Meeting Open to the Public

(for comment on the recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools)

14.     Recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools

(at this time the Board will take formal action on the following items – see attachments)
  1. Personnel
  2. Finance
  3. Policy
  4. Curriculum

15.     Meeting Open to Public

16.     Announcements

17.     Motion to Go Into Executive Session

(when applicable)
Resolution to Close Meeting
BE IT RESOLVED, pursuant to the Sunshine Act, N.J.S. 10:4-12 and 13, that the Board of Education will now meet in executive session to discuss _____________________________________ and that matters discussed will be disclosed to the public as soon as the reason for confidentiality no longer exist.
Groups audience: