Board Meeting - March 19, 2019

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Friday, March 15, 2019 - 3:15pm

1.Call to Order


2.Flag Salute


3.Notice of Meeting

I hereby make this statement to indicate compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act known as Chapter 231 of the Public Laws of New Jersey, 1975, which became effective 90 days after enactment, January 19, 1976.
Notice of this meeting was given by providing the location, time and date of this meeting, and posting of the same on the front door of the Board of Education offices, by delivering copies to the Borough Hall and the Metuchen Public Library, The Home News and Tribune, The Criterion Sentinel, The Star Ledger, and by filing a copy with the Borough Clerk as prescribed by this law.

4.Roll Call

Mr. Benderly
Mr. Lifton
Ms. Cook
Mr. Manley
Mr. Derflinger
Mr. Small
Mr. Glassberg
Mr. Suss
Ms. Killean
5.Showcase of Success
  1. MHS Students will present highlights from their upcoming production of “The Wedding Singer”, directed by Stefeny Stofa-Krombholz.  Dates for the play are March 28, 29, 30 at 7:00 p.m.
  1. Metuchen Winter Sports Champions
Girls Winter Track
State Sectional Championship – 3200 meter
Nina Suss
Girls Winter Track
Group I Distance Medley Relay Champions
Emma Kacani
Paige Larson
Joy Li
Nina Suss
Girls Swim Team
White Division Champions
                     Simone Boucher
Mary Kate McCunney
                     Abby Brooks
Emily Mundy
                    Sophie DeCoite
Arianna Pinto
                    Patricia Dela Cruz
Lauren Piovoso
                    Jenna DeVizio
Caroline Schleif
                    Domonique Dudley
Megan Shen
                    Erin Eustace
Kyra Stolarski
                    Emma Hille
Bridget Thomas
                    Chloe Jacques
Natalie Tiu
                   Sarah Jeney
Lara Vaz
                   Rebecca Jockwer
Charlotte Waring
                  Anna Keenan
Regina Wilcox
                  Elizabeth Lackland
Sammie Zhu
                  Sara Lignell
Simie Zhu
                  Courtney Little
Boys Swim Team
White Division Champions
                 Thomas Cordes
Julian Park
                 Joey DeVizio
Devon Pell
                Evan Djeu
Daniel Schleif
                 Bram Kaplan
Hruday Shah
                Matthew Karlovitch
Arav Sharma
                 Alex Koskoski
Giacomo Spasiano
                Rafael Lacson
Jason Tang
                Andrew Lau
Andrew Whittington
                Alex Liu
Chris Whittington
                Nicholas Malamug
Alex Wu
                Daniel Martynovich
Alan Xia
                Jimmy McGuire
 Edgar Middle School
Undefeated Girls Basketball Team
                   Kayla Berenfeld
Katie Gray
                   Charlotte Breen
Zoey Kaplan
                   Zoey Brown
Alexx Lipshutz
                  Mary Chura
Madison Orozco
                  Natalie Clark
Samantha Pfeiffer
                  Cassidy Connors
Claire Schleck
                  Keira Dowd
Catherine Xarhoulakos
                  Fiona Drumetski

6.Meeting Open to the Public

(for any topic)



  1. Review of preliminary budgets


  1. President’s Report
  2. Superintendent’s Report
  3. Business Administrator/Board Secretary’s Report
  4. Committee Reports

9.New Business


10.Old Business


11.Approval of Minutes of the Board of Education Meetings

Move to approve the minutes of the following meetings:
March 5, 2019
Board Meeting
March 5, 2019
Special Meeting 1
March 5, 2019
Special Executive Meeting 2

12.Meeting Open to the Public

(for any topic discussed up to this point in the meeting and for comments on the recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools)

13.Recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools

(at this time the Board will take formal action on the following items – see attachments)
Often times it may appear to members of our audience that the Board of Education takes action with very little comment and in many cases a unanimous vote. Before a matter is placed on the agenda at a public meeting, the administration has thoroughly reviewed the matter with the Superintendent of Schools. If the Superintendent is satisfied that the matter is ready to be presented to the Board of Education, it is then referred to the appropriate board committee. The members of the board committee work with administration and the Superintendent to assure that the members fully understand the matter. When the committee is satisfied with the matter, it is presented to the Board of Education for discussion before any final action is taken. Only then, is it placed on the agenda for action at a public meeting.
  1. Personnel
  2. Finance
  3. Policy
  4. Curriculum

14.Meeting Open to Public (for anything you wish to discuss)




16.Motion to Go Into Executive Session (when applicable)

Resolution to Close Meeting
BE IT RESOLVED, pursuant to the Sunshine Act, N.J.S. 10:4-12 and 13, that the Board of Education will now meet in executive session to discuss _____________________________________ and that matters discussed will be disclosed to the public as soon as the reason for confidentiality no longer exist.
  1. Adjournment
Groups audience: